Illuminated advertising
Illuminated advertising

Using light to communicate

LED illuminated text and lettering draws your attention and presents your brand, giving more character to your image.

Discover the many possibilities of illuminated lettering and background panels: use them to generate trust and get more recognition.

Adds value to any type of business or event: from retail stores and restaurants to office buildings, gas stations and exhibitions. 

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Advertising & Signing

Informative and representative LED advertising
Tronix offers custom-made lighting solutions in advertising for many different applications to get your message across and build strong brands. Our product range includes LED background panels for best light output behind a canvas or panel, LED light bars for maximum results in an advertisement panel or light box, and LED background Modules for signage and LED lighting box displays.

LED backlighting for light boxes
Light boxes - single and double sided - are popular advertising spaces in all sizes and variants. They also provide information and orientation. LED backlit advertising billboards and information panels stand out from the surroundings and create attention. Light boxes can be used in many different applications: at bus-stops, in railroad stations, department stores, movie theaters or airports. In addition, they are used for LED backlighting logos and brand names.Tronix offers four different sizes of interlocking and connectable Advertising Background Panels that allow for a variety of designs to be configured. Mainly used for light boxes backlight, large-scale projects, shopping malls, railway stations, airports and other high-end places, they are an ideal backlight-light source.

Profile lettering: individual and significant
There are virtually no limits to the use of profile lettering. Stores and restaurants benefit from this, and even casinos, gas stations and entire production halls use LED illuminated lettering for lighting. The efficient LED Background Modules are suitable as an economical replacement for the classic neon lights for uniform backlighting of profile lettering of all shapes and sizes.


Project data

Illuminated LED signage from Tronix to promote Grolsch brand at a big music festival.

Short description

Lowlands festival, the Netherlands - project by Tausch Brand Sensations in cooperation with Grolsch