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Best presentation of colors and products at Van Donzel Woongelofelijk 


Van Donzel is a renowned name in the region with more than 100 years of experience in home furnishings. Their home store is exceptionally large, counting close to 12000m2, and located in Uden, the Netherlands. In joint cooperation with Blouww Project Design and Verstegen Elektro, this beautiful living store has recently been fully equipped with 1700 Tronix LED spot lights. The results are spectacular.

Creating customer experience with good lighting
With online sales going through the roof, shop lighting has never been so important, especially with so many square meters involved. A store is not just a store – it’s an experience that should make a customer’s visit worthwhile, just for this reason. With the right lighting, you can guide visitors in a certain direction, leading them through the right corridors, surprising and seducing them on the way with the best presentation of colors and products.

More sales with best presentation of colors and products
A customer will step into a store faster if the display is well-lit, stay longer with a pleasant ambiance and efficient light routing, and be more tempted to buy when a product is beautifully highlighted with the truest reflection of colors.
Good lighting does not only stimulate sales but also helps you carry out your brand vision with an attractive atmosphere in the store.

About the lighting at Van Donzel
In total, 1700 Tronix LED spots were used to light all corridors, different brand areas, interior design styles, shop and window displays, as well as the lounge and coffee corners. In close cooperation with Blouww Project Agency and Verstegen Elektro, a light plan design was created and executed. The lighting at Van Donzel Woongelofelijk represents a combination of Adjustable Downlights in grey and white, and a large quantity of modern style Track Spots in black, grey and white. For both lighting fixtures we applied, a combination of 2700K and 3000K color temperatures.



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