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About Tronix Lighting

Dutch family enterprise • 25 years Led experience • A-Z product range • stockholding
Tronix Lighting is a strong Dutch family enterprise that, as a stock-holding supplier of Led lighting, is specialised in lighting solutions for the professional market. And has been for almost 25 years. We believe in the power of caring, sharing and connecting. For and with our customers, with expert and honest advice, custom-made solutions and fast deliveries. 

We take care of our customers and help them do what they are good at. This starts with offering a complete and high-quality product range, holding stock, and providing the best support – one of the kind that derives its greatest value from good aftercare. In short, customers can build on us. This means that we choose for sustainable relationships with our current and future customers in the B2B segment, with whom we will be in close contact for the best fitting lighting solutions. 

Knowledge is power. Sharing knowledge is even more powerful. Why? Because sharing means growing together. Tronix was already involved in the very first steps of Led development. Many years of focus on product innovation and development, while working closely together with prominent manufacturers, have led to great expertise and LED specialism. This makes customers not only confide in us; by sharing this knowledge we can also help them grow in their field, to better serve end customers with best fitting lighting solutions. 

We believe that by connecting people and parties, 1 and 1 will ultimately become 3. We are all in our own way looking for a position in the dynamic market called Led lighting, but believe that, with an explosively growing number of suppliers, you can achieve a lot more by looking at that market as a larger whole, and grant each other that place with a helping hand. The most important thing is that buttons have finally been switched, and everyone now seems to be convinced of the many advantages and possibilities that Led has to offer. Let's make it that great thing even greater together.

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