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Our services

What we offer to our customers  

•  Wide product range from A-Z
•  High quality
•  Competitive wholesale pricing
•  Delivery from stock
•  High expertise in Led
•  Warranty 2-7 years
•  Sales & MarCom support 

Make your own Light Simulation Plan
There are some very helpful and modern light planning software programs available, like DIALux Evo and ReluxSuite. Available in multiple languages, these unique and advanced programs for light design are a great tool for professional light simulations for rooms, floors, buildings, or even complete outdoor scenes. They will help you specify and decide on the right luminaires and lamps for your lighting project. 

Download ReluxSuite   
Download Dialux Evo 

Need advice or support with your light plan?

As an importing company delivering to the professional market, our support is limited to technical advise and some facilitating services, such as providing you with the product specific files that are required to make light calculations with Tronix products. We do not offer fully customized lighting plans in our standard service package, but will be more than happy to put you in contact with an independent light calculation agency. We can also get you in touch with a Tronix distributor who is experienced in making lighting plans and can offer you a complete package including advise, delivery and mounting. 

Calculate your savings!
Interested in how much costs you will actually save by choosing LED? Find out for yourself by using this 
Cost Savings Calculation Sheet.xls.  

Warranty & Guarantee 
Tronix provides 2-7 years warranty for the commercial product range. For rope light and all our decorative and christmas lighting products a warranty period of 1 year applies, effective from invoice date. For more detailed information we refer to our general terms & conditions.

Return Handling Instructions & RMA Form  
To return or exchange an item, you must first obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form.
For efficient return handling please read our Return Handling Instructions first - then download the Tronix RMA Form for Returns.xls , fill it out completely and send it back to rma@tronixlighting.com. Any questions about our RMA Procedure? Please contact our sales department.   

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