Casambi, a simple and stable controlling system.

"Smart and simple light control" is a subject that is often discussed and speculated.
That's why we want to inform you about the latest technologies.

Casambi is an advanced and very stable light system based on Bluetooth low energy. This is the only low power wireless communication technology that can communicate with IOS and Android devices. It is optimally user-friendly, with minimal hardware, time and implementation costs.

An ideal system for the installer
Casambi is easy to install, and very user-friendly for the end user. Dimming, grouping multiple lamps or setting RGB colors, everything is possible. Ideal for office spaces, shops or residential homes where a simple communication system is desired.

NEW: Casambi drivers
New in our range: Casambi drivers. These drivers can be pre-set in a desired Output by using the latest technology from Philips; MultiOne SimpleSet.

20W 150 - 500 mA
36W 300 - 1050 mA



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