LED Panel round Ø61cm

Welcome back: LED Panel round Ø61cm. Available in 3000K, 4000K in non dimmable, Triac- 1-10V or DALI dimmable.

This round LED panel comes with a suspension set and driverbox.
This suspension set makes it possible to attach the panel to the ceiling with a maximum height of 130 cm.
Due to the smooth, soft and flicker-free light that the LED panel spreads, panels are ideally suited for use in offices and shops,
but also for interior lighting in schools and other public spaces.

• High quality external driver with optimal heat regulation
• Flicker-free (1%)
• Plug & Play due Euro plug
• High light efficiency of >100 Lm/W
• 5 years warranty
• CRI> 90
• UGR <19 value for minimal discomfort from glare and high productivity
• Suspension set and driver box included

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