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What we offer to our customers  

•  High quality product range from A-Z
•  Delivery from stock
•  Outstanding Customer Service
•  High expertise in LED lighting
•  Excellent Sales & Technical Support
•  Warranty 2-5 years
•  Marketing support 
•  Competitive wholesale pricing

Make your own Light Simulation Plan
There is a free and modern light planning software program available: ReluxSuite. Available in 5 languages, this unique program for light design is a great tool for light simulation and will help you specify the right luminaires and lamps for your lighting project. Download ReluxSuite   
It goes without saying that you can also rely on us to work out a light calculation plan for you. 

Calculate what you save

Interested in how much costs you will actually save by choosing LED? Find out for yourself by using a this Cost Savings Calculation Sheet.xls.  

Warranty & Guarantee
Tronix provides 2 years warranty for the commercial product range. For rope light and all our decorative and christmas lighting products a warranty period of 1 year applies, valid from moment of purchase. For more detailed information we refer to our general terms & conditions.

For efficient return handling please download the Tronix RMA Form for Returns.xls and follow the instructions. For questions just contact our sales department.