May we introduce to you:

Maarten Verbruggen, the brand new Managing Director of Tronix Lighting!

His appointment was announced at an informal gathering with the employees of Tronix Lighting which broke the ice real quickly. With Maarten at the head of the table we embrace the road ahead of us with a lot of enthusiasm and confidence.

In the June edition of LED Magazine, a magazine for light professionals, Maarten makes his debute at the Tronix stage. In a joint interview with owner Benito van Dijk - son of company founder Ben van Dijk i.m. - Maarten shares his view on current developments in de lighting market.
Maarten has truly earned his spurs in the installation sector, and with his experience and input we can also increase our role as a knowledge provider. Because apart from offering a full and qualified product range, our added value definitely includes sharing knowledge with our customers and supporting them with good advice. The need for support is increasing because of extending laws and legislations that are pushing installers in the direction of durability and sustainment. Thus quoting Maarten Verbruggen, who will be occupying his new position starting Monday July 3rd.

About Maarten Verbruggen
With his new appointment at Tronix Lighting, Maarten Verbruggen basically returns to his old nest: the Van Dijk family. At the end of the eighties, Verbruggen started his career through an internship at Ben Van Dijk Electronics. After working for a regional installation company for more than 10 years, Verbruggen was appointed managing director of Van Heeswijk Electrical Engineering, a medium sized installer with more than 100 employees and offices located in Schijndel and Tilburg that is now part of the Facilicom Services Group in Schiedam. For the past 10 years, Verbruggen has been active for Volker Wessels, where he developed numerous sustainable residential living concepts, including the Morgen Wonen houses that are energy neutral and build within 1 day. With his appointment as Director of Tronix Lighting - founded by late mr. Ben van Dijk in 1996 - the circle is now round.