Christmas & Decorative Lighting
Christmas & Decorative Lighting

Decorative & Tree Lighting

Tronix decorative lighting offers versatile solutions for christmas lighting, tree lighting or any other decorative lighting purposes. 

Turn any retail store, office building, hotel, or tree into eye-catching objects with Tronix light curtains, strings and ropes. 

Tronix stands for tailormade solutions that will create spectacular effects with lighting decorations. 

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Christmas & Decoration

Tronix Modular Lighting Connection System:
Endless possibilities to create spectacular effects with light decorations!
Compose your own custom-made lighting product and discover the spectacular Christmas decoration possibilities with the unique Modular Lighting Connection System by Tronix. Just choose your outdoor application, make a product selection from our extensive range of light strings & accessories, and simply link everything together in any desired way to create the lighting effect you are looking for.  


Tree Lighting: LED Cord Light Professional & Modular
Tronix offers extensive choice in professional tree lighting. With the versatile product range of LED Cord Light Professional & Modular, you can beautifully decorate trees in any shape or size, indoor and outdoor.



Der Leso Austria
Project data

Built in Italian Renaissance style, the Kursalon is one of the most exclusive buildings of Vienna, decorated with Tronix light curtains.

Project by Der Leso, Austria
Using Tronix LED Modular Lighting Connection System 
Short description

The Kursalon in Vienna is a prominent and exclusive location for classical concerts and private & business event venue rental. A beautiful building with the perfect landscape for eye-catching lighting decorations. 

For this project, the Tronix Modular Lighting Connection System was used, connecting different sizes LED light strings and curtains together for a customized and grand result.

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